Saturday, February 22, 2014

My 6 Month Old Comedian

I don't understand how a baby that is only 6 months old can make me laugh as much as my Benjamin does.  I mean, come on, he's only 6 months old!  Despite his youth, my little love bug makes me laugh multiple times a day!  So, for a lighthearted post, I decided to number out the 10 things my Benny does on a semi-daily basis that make me laugh out loud.

10.   Face Contortions
Ohhhh the many faces of Benny James!  This little man can contort his face into a million different expressions in a matter of minutes.  It is so funny how many ways he can twist and turn his adorable little features around. 

  9.   Gesticulations

As he talks to himself, Ben turns into a master gesticulator.  His little hands go about in such a way that he could honestly be conducting the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.  He goos and gaas and his little hands move all about.  That is, of course, until he notices said hands.  This is when the serious contemplation of figuring them out begins!  *See #8
  8.   Serious Thinking

When there is something new to him, there is this unbelievably intense look on his face.  He will usually stick his tongue and stare intently at this object of unimaginable wonder sometimes until he literally goes cross eyed.  ( Side Note - I was actually worried about this so much that I told the pediatric opthamologist about it today during Benny's check up.  He most likely thinks I am insane ). The object of wonder can be anything new he hasn't seen, or it is also very often his hands.  He finds those about 45 times per day. 

  7.   Robust Conversations with Inanimate Objects

There was one time when Ben was around 4 months old that I watched him have a full on conversation with a stuffed lion.  From what I could tell, that lion had pissed him off something fierce!  To this day, he doesn't like lions...

  6.   Finding his hands or his feet...again.

*See numbers 7 & 8

  5.   2 Thumbing It

Yes, he loves sucking his thumb!  This is nothing out of the ordinary.  However, what makes this act so comical is when he begins 2 thumbing it.  2 thumbing it, or double fisting if you will, is exactly as it sounds.  He likes to suck both thumbs at the same time. hilarious!  If you really wanna laugh, then you should see when he tried to suck both thumbs WHILE nursing!  That's the best!  The icing on the cake there though is when he looks at me like I did something horrible to him when the two tubby little thumbs he is prying into his mouth unlatch him from the goods.  Classic Benny...

  4.   Diabolical Baby

This was a phrase coined by Uncle Jeremy.  Diabolical baby pose is when Ben likes to lift his hands up and hold them together as if he is a master villian that has just devised a plan on how to take over the world!  This happens often...  Personally, I think he just might be figuring out his plans of world domination.  Only time will tell...

  3.   Perfectly Timed Bodily Functions

I could probably write an entire blog post about this one.  Since his VERY first diaper that mom and dad changed, Ben has had an uncanny ability to begin peeing or pooping JUST as the diaper comes off.  He happens to think this is hilarious!  I cannot tell you how many times I have literally been pee'd on.  I can, however, tell you that I have been pooped on more times than I would like to share.  This kid can go through 5 diapers in ONE changing because of this epically timed poo.  I mean, come on!  There is NO way you can tell me that there have been that many coincidences of diaper coming off at the same time of poo coming out!!  I truly believe he does it on purpose for laughs, or that it is all part of his master plan (see #4).

  2.   Flatulence

It's bad.  I mean, it's REALLY, REALLY bad.  This kid can clear a city block.  Also, let's talk timing.  The ONLY thing more impeccable than his poop timing is his fart timing.  It ALWAYS seems to happen just as I am putting some diaper cream on his butt, which inevitable leads to me literally getting farted ON.  Yes, I do wash my hand a lot just in case you are curious.

  1.   His infectious Giggle

All of the above items are truly comical, but the one thing about this adorable little man is his giggle!  Just a few days ago my husband and I took him to the indoor track at the community center.  This was a first for him.  It was also the first time we used the baby beorn in a way where he got to look at what was going on.  He was giggling so hysterically as we walked around the track that every single person we walked by got the biggest smile on their face.  I couldn't stop giggling the whole darn time either!!  It was...infectious!  And it happens all the time, in all sorts of places!


Would love to hear your thought, comments, advice, or emotional outbursts!

-xoxo Jamie