Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Forgot to Watch the Oscars...

I know, I know...

Forgetting to watch the Academy Awards is something that most people I know do on purpose, yet I LOVE watching them!  I've done community theatre my entire life, so watching the Oscar's is to me what watching the Grammys is to a musician.  It is my art, and winning an Academy Award is the highest honor for artists like myself.  Don't get me wrong, i'm not delusional.  Well, not about that anyway!  I know I will never win an Academy Award! I just like to watch all the people who do!  I love to look at the clothes and the dates.  I LOVE hearing their acceptance speeches!  It's just all so thrilling to me!  However, this Sunday, I completely forgot they were on...

I decided, after a long talk with Ben's specialist, that I would make my own baby food.  If this sounds insane to you, then you are not alone.  It sounded insane to me as well before I found myself in this situation.  Of course, a lot of things moms do that seemed insane to me prior to Ben being born, seem perfectly normal now.

Ben, as you already know if you have read my blog, has Down Syndrome.  Along with Down Syndrome, you often times get a finicky digestive system.  Babies with Down Syndrome have low muscle tone problems.  What most people, including myself prior to having Ben, don't realize is that low muscle tone is a much bigger problem than you would think.  We aren't just talking about legs, arms, and core here.  Your digestive system is a series of muscles too.  So, being that those muscles are also weaker, our poor babies with an extra chromosome have a little trouble digesting food.  Ben, is definitely one of them.  If you have ever been around my sweet little guy, you will know he has some seriously stinky farts.  I mean, clear an entire concert hall not just a room type of farts!  They are toxic!  Luckily for him, he comes by it honestly.  Our family happens to think farts are hilarious, and poop conversations are the norm.  We all have digestive issues in my family, so poor little Benny had no chance.

Because of all these digestive issues, making my own baby food came highly recommended.  We wanted Ben's first solids to be made using only my breastmilk (which he was used to) and whole foods.  Therefore, on Sunday night, I set about making a batch of Sweet Potatoes a la Jamie.  It was super easy!  I made an entire week's worth of baby food in just a few hours.  It probably would have taken me WAY less time than that, but I also had to figure out my brand new immersion blender as I was using it for the first time (Side NOTE: Mamas making your own baby food - Immersion blender comes HIGHLY recommended!  Work unbelievably well, it's quick, and...the big win for's super freakin' easy to clean!).  I was having so much fun making all these cute little cups of food!  When I was done, I have to admit, I felt a little bit like a bad ass!  I mean, who would have thought that I, Jamie Renee Freeman, would be making my own baby food?  The best part is that it was super easy!  WOO HOO!

After feeling pretty darn proud of myself, I sat down on the couch to pump and have a nice, hot cup of tea.  I turned on the television, and BAM!  There's my favorite gal Ellen hosting the Oscars.  WHAT?!?  I couldn't believe I forgot about it!  I mean, heck, there was only an hour left!  I was so amazed.  For a second, I was highly disappointed, but then I laughed.  This was a perfect example of the point I had been making to so many of my friends lately.  So many people have asked me, "What it is like to be a mother.  What was it like when Ben was handed to me?".  My answer every time has been the same.

When that baby is handed to you, and you look at him for the first time, there are two incredible things that happen.  First, for me anyhow, you see God for the first time.  I mean REALLY see God.  You get this feeling of understanding and purpose for why you have been blessed with this amazing life.  It is incredible.  Second, it is as though somebody hits the shuffle button on your internal list of priorities.  It was as if everything I EVER thought was important in my life became less than.  There were so many things such as traveling to certain parts of the world, playing certain roles on stage, career aspirations, and personal development endeavors that I had always felt that I NEEDED to accomplish before I died in order to feel I had a fulfilling life.  There were so many things that I felt needed my utmost attention above all else on a daily basis.  ALL of these things, were suddenly not as important.  Suddenly, I realized if I sat on my deathbed and had never been to Ireland, never became the CEO of a company, never got my PHD, or never spent Oktoberfest in Germany, I wouldn't mind.  Don't get me wrong, I would still love to do all this things, but if I don't, I am still fulfilled.  When that baby was handed to me, HE became my priority.  He changed everything about everything I ever thought was important, and that was more than ok.

Back to the Oscars.  As I was sitting on my couch that night, smiling at the fact that I had forgot the Academy Awards were on, I thought about that feeling.  I thought about the shuffle button that was pushed on my priorities and I laughed.  It's amazing how one little dude changed everything I ever thought I knew about myself in an instant.  I forgot to Watch the Oscars, and I couldn't have cared less.  Also, I would be able to watch all the good parts on YouTube the next day anyhow! ;)

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