Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Life is a Rom Com

Laughter is good medicine.  For this reason, I should live to be a thousand and so should anyone that spends a decent amount of time with me.  I say this because I never cease to provide people with LOTS to laugh at me about.

My most recent event that sounds like something out of a comedy happened a few days ago.  Since I, for some reason, like to share my most embarrassing moments with the world, here goes!

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a fascination with Fireman.   However, who doesn't?!?! They are HOT!  No pun intended hehehehehehe!  Not as hot as my husband, OF COURSE, but pretty dang hot! Just saying...  Anyhow, Mark and I have recently purchased a new carseat for the Benjamin. We did a whole lot of research to find the right seat for him knowing that he may indeed be in it and need the support a wee bit longer than others.  After tons of research we finally purchased the La-Z-Boy of carseats.  I mean, this thing is intense.  I'm talking cup holders, airbags, and the ability to hold a child in the 5-point restraint till he or she is 80 lbs!  It will hold them front facing up until 110
lbs!  Like I said, this thing is intense and should be the only carseat we ever have to buy for Benny J.

Installing this new carseat was super easy!  I'm totally kidding.  It was a flipping Rubik's Cube, but I got it.  It took me an hour, but I got it put together and installed.  I'm pretty handy, so I was confident that I did a great job.  Just kidding again.  I am super clumsy and an absolute spaz when it come to stuff like that and I did NOT trust my know-how one bit.  This brings us to the fireman...

Everyone has always said that if you drive to the fire station, they will inspect your carseat for you.  So, I took Benny boy in his new lounger up to the firehouse for an inspection.  I grabbed Benny out of his carseat and walked up with my adorable baby, who was squirming all over the place, to ask for assistance from the nice firemen.  I walked in and there were a group of them sitting there.  One popped up and asked, "How may we help you Ma'am?".  Right after he asked me this question, he quit making eye contact with me.  He was LITERALLY doing anything he could not to look at me.  I asked if they did carseat inspections still with a huge smile, making sure my charm was turned on to full blast, but he would NOT look at me. He mumbled that they no longer did that and asked the other guys where I could go.  They all mumbled something about the hospital, they weren't sure, etc., etc., and NOBODY was looking at me!  How rude!

I finally thanked them for the info and turned to walk back to my car.  This was when I felt a slight breeze go across my chest.  I looked down, and saw it.  My nipple.  Yup, my friends, my NIPPLE!  It seemed that my squirmy baby that has been getting really good at grabbing and pulling lately had successfully pulled my shirt over far enough to show my right boob.  Was I wearing a bra?  Of course! The problem is that I just happened to grab an older bra that morning that doesn't quite fit my post-Benny boobage that well, and a good portion of my nip was hanging out of it.  A good portion of my nip that was out front and center for the Dearborn Firemen to see.  Needless to say, I was mortified.

Yup, this is my life.  You can't make this stuff up my friends.  Don't worry, there are many more horrific, embarrassing moments left that I can share.  Stay tuned.  This is just the tip of the Jamie is a freaking moron saga.  Just the tip, or should I say nip??? Either way, it's just one of many scenes that make up my life.  Hope it made you giggle!

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  1. Lol.... too funny! Ive had a couple almost showing off my "goods" moments with sawyer too... luckily I kept it from happening tho... :)


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