Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Diary Read Round The World

I remember it like it was yesterday...

I was lying in bed having one of those nights where my brain wouldn't shut off, and a thought occurred to me.  I wondered why I didn't write in my journal anymore.  I always kept a diary.  I have diaries from as far back as elementary school.  I write my deepest, darkest, and brightest thoughts in them and they have each in their own way become a friend to me in the time that I needed them.

I then thought about my blog.  This blog...  I thought about how cathartic it has been to share my thoughts and feelings with those I care about and a few thousand complete strangers as well.  I thought about all the "friends" I had made thus far that have blogs and Facebook pages and twitter accounts as well and how each and every one is brave enough to share their story.

I thought, and I thought, and I....BAM!  It hit me...

What if I could have the honesty of a handwritten diary that culminates a whole beautiful mess of people who have one thing in common?

What if this book could travel around the world, being handwritten in by mamas, daddies, brothers, sisters, you name it that all have a loved one with Down syndrome?

What if, when this book was finished with it's journey, we could share our stories with those that are just beginning the journey?

Wouldn't that be something??

Well, my friends, it's more than something.  This book is real, and this book is beautiful.

What started as a nighttime thought has turned into a project that has done more for my soul than I could begin to explain.  This diary is currently with it's fifth writer, who also happens to be a photographer.  It is about to travel to it's 2nd country out of the four it will be visiting, and it is changing lives.

You see, I was really excited about this book being a catalyst to change the lives of those who are just receiving a diagnosis of Down syndrome, and I still am!  I am certain this book will make it's way into the hands of hundreds, hell THOUSANDS, that need it!


What I didn't expect...what I didn't realize was going to happen in the process...was something even more extraordinary.

What is happening is that this book has formed a bond between, so far, 25 people that will be writing in it.  This book has unified a group of advocates, forming friendships, that I am pretty damn sure will be connected for life after this.

This book is better than a support group.  This book, these writers, are slowly one by one becoming family to me.

I started this book because I thought so many new parents would need it, and they do, but what I didn't realize...what I didn't expect...was how much I needed it.

Thanks to Kelly Searle from and the amazing photoshoot she did while having her turn with it.  Because of this, tonight, for the first time, I got a glimpse into what kind of beauty my friends were filling this diary with, and I lost it.  I read a few lines from the picture just below, and I haven't stopped crying since. This diary will be put into the hands of those who need it, but I think it's higher purpose has begun to be revealed.  It's higher purpose is bringing together those of us that didn't realize how badly we needed one another.

I hope you will continue to follow with us along the path of The Down Syndrome Diary as it travels around the world from home to loving home.  Find us at

Tell Your Story...

Your ending may change someone else's beginning.

Those of you that are already a part of this with me, you have already changed me.


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