Monday, July 13, 2015

2 Is Looming: Benny Update

What are birthdays for if not for reflecting?

Benny turns two years old in less than a month.  TWO YEARS OLD!  It's such a cliche, and I know it, but I honestly don't know where the time has gone.

It's been such an amazing year.  Last August, at a year old, Benny was just starting to smile and laugh again.  Today, he is a different child!  I figure I should take a moment and just give you all an overall update on his progress.

My adorable little man is pulling himself up to stand and get to things ALL OVER THE HOUSE! He's booty scootin' like he's on a mission and I can barely keep up!  He knows how to give kisses, he's started to mimic us, and he's eating like a horse.  He drinks from a straw, and pretty much eats everything you give him.

We are still working towards self-feeding.  The little bugger will pick food up, but refuses to put it in his mouth.  I'm pretty sure he's just stubborn. LOL!

We just got some SureSteps!  YAY!  Hopefully this helps us get to the walkin'!  We kind of just skipped that whole crawling thing I think.

Teeth are ALMOST all in!  We are waiting on one eye tooth and two molars.  I can't tell you how excited I am to close the book on freaking teething.  TEETHING SUCKS.  That is all.

We still don't have many cognitive milestones checked off the list, but trust when I tell you there is some serious thinking going on behind those big blue eyes.  Ben is so attentive when you talk to him, sing to him, read to him.  I feel like he's just taking it all in and one day he will start bursting forth with animal noises, pointing to colors and shapes, and signing his wants and needs!  For now, i'm ok with his adorable little face staring up at me with those big smiles.  I mean, really, he's obviously just a great listener and doesn't want to interrupt anyone just yet.

He's recently started grabbing people's hands and placing them on what it is he wants.  I think this is pretty cool!  It's the first sign of communication i've seen from him and I couldn't be prouder!  He seems to like figuring out his own way of doing things.  He's a rebel.

Along with all this developing, is also a developing personality.  It's adorable, and at times exhausting.  Yes, my sweet Benny cries now.  My sweet, sweet baby that literally cried four times in the first 7 months of his life, has full on meltdowns.  He's not a fan of the word "no" at ALL!  He sticks out his lip and wails out with sheer horror at the audacity the person who said "no" to him.  It's adorable.  No, for real, it's actually pretty adorable.  Except for today, when he did it like 743 times. Not quite as adorable when that happens.

I wish I could say it's all good, but that would be a big, fat lie.  We are having trouble with him hitting himself in the head, grabbing and pinching people's skin, and biting.  It's slowly getting better with serious amounts of consistency with the whole "no" word.  We have to say "no", put him down or take him away from whatever the situation we are in is, and then deal with the inevitable pouty lip wailing for a few minutes.

Sensory overload, common in children with Down syndrome, is definitely starting to make itself known.  Ben LOVES people!  LOVES THEM! However, he can get overwhelmed in group situations if i'm not careful.  I'm starting to learn some basic things that work for him. Sometimes, he just needs some quiet time with Mama for a little bit and all is good.  Other times, we have to call it a day.  As for me, this will not deter me.  I will still take him to the birthday parties, the zoo, etc.  I am going to be there for him, help him through it, and hope we do better every time.  It seems to me that he gets a little better in each situation and I am hoping it continues that way!

I think the greatest part about this last year has been watching all of this happen.  Watching him learn, grow, and develop is an absolute joy.  Every day now he's doing something he didn't do the day before, and it's absolutely fascinating!  My heart wells up with joy and pride with every single skill he learns. I love you my little sidekick.  Can't wait to see what you do next.

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